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Current Projects

CN Global Partners is specialized in identifying proven opportunities that have been pre-qualified to meet the job-creation requirements of the EB-5 visa program and investors' need for capital preservation.

We protect and keep confidentiality of our clients, potential partners, project developers, investors and applicants. The Business Plan and The private placement offering due diligence will be granted to only each investors, legal entities, affiliates and association of the limited partnership unless required to do so by law. Promotional websites, brochures and other forms of contents will be provided to its network.

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Ground Transportation EB-5 project $50M New York City New York

Newest addition: $50M New York City New York US Ground Transportation EB-5 project ( a regional center based EB-5 project). Expansion of fleet, technology and infrastructure that will create over 2000 jobs. Project is in process and newest project of our group. Market advantage project.

Senior Housing Facility -Funding open $23 million EB-5 project

Recently opened $22 *3 (total 70M for 3 phases) million project: Closed, a $22 Million construction project – Senior Housing Facility as a non-TEA Stand-Alone EB-5. Albany, NY based 144,000 SQ FT 108-unit, private-pay seniors housing community.

Orlando Based $1 Billion Living Center

In Process Orlando Based approved $1 billion-plus Regional Center project within TEA as an equity investment from foreign investors. TEA is a Multiphase mixed use project of approximately 400,000 square feet of retail and restaurant space, 1000 potential apartments or condominiums, up to 200,000 square feet of office space, a hotel, and other suitable compatible purposes. In Progress with 1-526 petitions approved.

Assisted Living Facility Funding closed $22 million EB-5 project

Recently closed $22 million project: Closed, a $22 Million construction project - Assisted Living Facility as a TEA Stand-Alone EB-5. An Atlanta based 144,000 SQ FT 108-unit, private-pay seniors housing community.